Who, or what, is a parent coordinator?

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When parents cannot communicate or agree after a divorce a parent coordinator is sometime used to help resolve matters. There’s a very interesting article in this week’s issue of Massachusetts Lawyer’s Weekly which gives a much more in- depth presentation. if you are involved in any custody or disputed parenting actions you might want to read it.

There is a dispute among divorce practitioners as to the utility of parent coordinators.  A few extremely good divorce litigators  refuse to use parent coordinators at all. I happen to think that in the right circumstances and with the right parent coordinator they can be invaluable. No matter how much a parent coordinator charges, it will be less than the costs of litigation. I also think there is a true psychological benefit to the kids to keeping their parents out of court.  

May you never need a parent coordinator.




  1. From my perspective a parent coordinator is a terrific tool. They eliminate heated discussions, e-mails, and arguments between the parents. This reduces tension and this is in the best interest of the children. I think children feel more secure when there are clear plans in place and conflict is removed.
    Unfortunately, I am post divorce with a person who refuses to utilize a parent coordinator and we desperately need one. We have used attorneys to resolve matters that were better suited for a parent coordinator. Both attorneys strongly recommended a parent coordinator to us. I have been requesting that we make the move to a coordinator for well over a year now. There continue to be senseless disputes. Despite my earnest efforts, I am being forced to engage in managing this myself and dealing with needless conflict.
    So from my point of view, given my situation, a court mandate would be good. I would give anything to have a judge say we had to use a coordinator. I’m sure I’m not alone.

  2. One should be very very careful appointing Parenting Coordinator. If any one is thinking about using them make sure you have proper legal document restricting authority of PC. Massachusetts Probate court gives too much power to these professional, as a result you lose your control over your family i.e child, PC will start deciding how your children should be raised. Once PC are involved in the case there is no incentive for them to get out of the case i.e keep running the meter i.e source of income. They are very capable of playing some nasty game which can be devastating to families and keeps them in the case until child reaches emancipation, and by then your child’s formative year are done and they are left with scars for rest of there lives.
    Do your HOMEWORK VERY VERY carefully before hiring PC.

  3. This is a very good reminder and it applies not only to parent coordinators but to divorce lawyers, therapists and guardian ad litems as well. You should always do due diligence, and you need to remember that even then you may miss something.
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