Something Else to Worry About

Hi there,

I have always warned clients about how easy it may be for a disgruntled spouse to get into your email.  Now it seems that you have to worry about your cell phone too.  According to an article by Claud L. (“Tex”) McIver and Deepa Subramanian of Fisher & Phillips LLP published on the Law360 website, it is now possible to purchase software to illegally tap cell phones to listen to conversations at any time, and anywhere.  The software is easily accessible via the net and can be installed in less than 10 minutes.  Apparently it is advertised as a good way to catch a cheating spouse.  This is of course, highly illegal, but a real threat.  Apparently the best way to protect your cell would be to password protect it and not let it out of your possession.  On the same idea, here is an interesting article about some other spyware used in divorce.

So as my not-so-sainted granny used to say, never write anything you wouldn’t want to see in print, and I guess that now goes for what you say too.