Monday’s Miscellany 9.14.09

Hi there,

I have a habit of saving articles and other blog posts people send me in the hope that I might actually use them in a specific post.  Since my computer (who I think of as a separate and occasionally malignant co-worker) lost all the ones I had saved, I’ve decided on random Monday sto post all of the interesting stuff, relevant to divorce or not, I have been saving.

So here goes the first Monday Miscellany:

1.  Divorce is one of the most stressful life experiences there is.  It is topped only by the death of a spouse, or God forbid, that of a child.  Daniel Clement,  who writes a terrific divorce blog in New York, recently had an interesting post, “Divorce is Bad For Health,” on his blog.

2.  If you are in need of some stress relief here is an article from the “Happy You, Life Coaching & Events” blog that might be useful.

3.  In the category of waaay too much stress, many divorcing folk find themselves having to deal with elderly and/or ill parents at the same time.  This post from Leanna Hamill’s “Massachusetts Estate Planning & Elder Law Blog” gives some useful advice on how to handle the practical needs of a parent entering a hospital.

Take care!