Monday’s Miscellany

Hi there,

Boy do the weeks go by fast!  It feels like I just did one of these yesterday.

I had a post here last week on how not to divorce using the Gosselin’s embarrassing public saga as an example.  Apparently, I was not the only one who thought they were over the top.

I am frequently asked what books on divorce I can recommend and embarrassingly, I really have no suggestions.  Some time ago a colleague sent me this post about suggested reads courtesy of Atty. Stephen McDonough’s “The Divorce Collaborative” blog.  I have checked out the list of suggested books and they are indeed worth reading.

Simply because it really falls into the category of child neglect (abuse?), I have a link to a good story about last Friday’s idiocy, aka the Balloon Boy saga, which now appears to have been a hoax.

And finally, yet another hoax.  This type is more common unfortunately.

Have a good week!