Stay Healthy, Please!

Hi there,

I started out this week hearing that one of my two fabulous colleagues who help keep this blog running has H1N1.  Then I heard a very scary statistic; in cases of pregnant women who get H1N1, one in four dies. That is horrifying!  I have also heard (for a while now) of pregnant women who are choosing to not get vaccinated because of concerns about the vaccineThat got me thinking about how divorced parents might have problems with the vaccination issue as well.

In a joint legal custody situation there should always be communication about medical issues.  I then came across an excellent related discussion on the Ontario Family Law Blog, from Ontario divorce attorney/blogger Brian Galbraith.  For a take on the U.S. status, be sure to click through to a great post on the New Hampshire Family Law Blog by Attorney Kysa Cruso.
Stay healthy!