Monday’s Miscellany

Hi there!

I hope you all had a terrific Thanksgiving.  Back to the real world now …

A friend sent me this map of unemployment statistics (originally written by Latoya Egwuekwe and published by the American Observer), which outlines the Geography of a Recession, by month and county/state.  It is real clear that a lot of folks are still having a terrible time regardless of the small improvements we may see or hear about.

One of the more frightening realities of being a divorce lawyer is having a client who you are certain is at terrible risk of domestic violence. I don’t know what caused this lawyer to follow her client in her car but let us hope that the client lives.  It sounds as if the quick first aid (not part of the law school curriculum) may have helped (courtesy of the ABA Journal).

It was apparently a slow news weekend as Tiger Woods‘ unfortunate mishap, or whatever it really was, lead the news.  My bet is on a “marital spat.”  Just in case you were curious (I know I was), here are the five things you need to know about Tiger Woods’ alleged other woman, courtesy of EOnline.  Her name is Rachel Uchitel by the way.

And finally, attached is a fascinating piece from those rogue economists at the Freakonomics Blog, with hardly any connection to divorce law.