Monday’s Miscellany

Hi there,

I started out the weekend thinking I wouldn’t have anything to put up today; however, thanks to my fellow bloggers I have some great links!

First, from Taxgirl, a post on child support. I have gotten similar inquiries on my post on child support as well.

Here’s a funny (and true) story about giving the ‘bird’ during a parking dispute.  You’ll be surprised by the outcome.

Then another post from Taxgirl, (that’s 2 in one blog post, thank you Taxgirl!) a fascinating post on Tiger Woods and taxes.  A partner of mine always says that tax ties into everything and I guess he is right.

And finally, a very funny post on how to survive the holidays.  I also had a post on this, Holidays Are For Kids, a few days ago which might be helpful – it outlines a few schedule options for dealing with the holidays as a divorcee with kids.