Monday’s Miscellany

Hi there!

This appears to be the silly season for Monday 🙂

As a grandmother (and boy do I love saying that) I got a real giggle out of this piece from The Onion.

Law firms at year end are all about collecting fees.  We as partners are barraged with reminders, lists and general nagging to get us to collect.  I roared when one of my partners sent this around the other day.

As a divorce lawyer I see all sorts of fallout from folks confessing to affairs (I happen to think “don’t tell” is a good policy; confession may be good for the soul but it hurts your partner), though I have never before seen the dos and don’ts of confessing your affairs (courtesy of The Daily Beast).

And finally, on a more serious note, here’s a piece on the AffiDavid blog, run by David Yas, the publisher of Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly.