Burqa Barbie and other odd thoughts

Hi there,

It seems as if France is going to ban the burqa in hospitals and schools but not on the street.

I have always been horrified by the concept of the burqa – I consider the fact that I was born female in 20th century America to be a stroke of overwhelming good fortune, but apparently burqas are bad for your health as well.  While we’re on the subject, the concept of Burqa Barbie also blows my mind.  It seems so wrong on so many levels, when you think of those poor little girls whose future will be life in the “brown bag,” so should they really get a doll that celebrates their condition?  No good answer.

Finally, if you did hit the jackpot and were born female in the United States, the times they are a changin’ – men now are the ones marrying up.  Of course that means that women now have to pay alimony as well.