Sex Addiction, Internet Privacy and Other Miscellany

Hi there,

I hope you all had a good weekend despite the weather.  I managed to avoid watching Tiger Woods’ mea culpa last week, but then I came across this article which basically condones the behavior as “natural”.  While I can certainly see the argument that promiscuity may be wired in people, (I have had animals all my life and I know its wired in in them) I really think that as adult human beings we all make choices and promiscuity is a particularly self destructive choice to be making.

The Internet is a fertile field for divorce lawyers.  As one, I am very mindful of the pitfalls of social networking.  It also is a fertile field for thieves as this new site points out.  Privacy in this wired-in age can be illusory.  I had no idea how much information the mere existence of  technology can provide someone who is able to access it.

And finally, a colleague of mine alerted me about this website, Simple Marriage.  It is an interesting compilation of self-help information.  If you are considering divorce you may want to review the possibilities for avoiding it.  Even if in the end divorce is inevitable, there is comfort in knowing you did try your best to avoid it.