Divorce Lawyer’s Choice, RIP Monday’s Miscellany

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Starting this week I am changing the name of the Monday’s Miscellany category (don’t worry, you can find all past entries here).  Because I do a lot of in court litigation, Mondays tend to be a very difficult day for me to get a post together if I don’t manage to get it done over the weekend, sooo I am changing the title to Divorce Lawyer’s Choice, to get out of having to absolutely, positively have it done on Monday 🙂

This week I want to talk about women’s issues.  Not usually my bag, but I was so outraged by this article that I had to put it out there.  Hi there, TaxGirl, question – If an institution has tax free status as a result of being a certain religion, do they get a “get out of jail card” for treating women as second class citizens?

Domestic violence in my mind stems, at least in part, from the belief that the victim is less than the abuser. The statistics are absolutely horrifying.  Statistics don’t tell the whole story . Domestic violence cuts across socioeconomic and gender lines as these two prior articles showcase.

This story terrified me because the young woman and her father tried to do all they could to prevent the tragedy, and still it happened.  I understand how infuriating it must be to be forced to uproot your life to stay safe but safety has to be the first priority. That is why so many domestic violence shelters do not advertise where they are.

I was also dismayed to read the story about New York’s Governor Patterson.