One way to deal with a sociopath…

Hi there,

I received a comment from a reader about the recent article on sociopaths:

"Well, great, but how do we USE this knowledge to gain leverage or actually get the creep to respond?"

This really expresses succinctly, the frustration anyone would feel, dealing with a sociopath in an inherently conflicted situation.

I have found that the most effective way to deal with someone like this, is to make the person I believe to be a sociopath, understand that there are consequences within the system for uncontrolled behavior.  The real problem is the system itself is so overburdened that this takes a very long time to accomplish. 

I also don’t think that knowing who someone is psychologically really gives you leverage, it just helps you figure out ways to handle him or her, and sometimes just putting a name to it is useful in how you feel, if not in how he or she responds.