Is Nothing Private?

Hi there,

Things have been crazy busy lately and I just had a chance to catch up on the news from a favorite site of mine, The Daily Beast.  Here are a few that I found most interesting.

I was at first astonished, and then not so surprised to learn that your credit card company can predict your coming marital woes.  When they said the husband (or wife) is the last to know, I don’t think they had Visa in mind.

I am always interested in changing public (and not so public) attitudes about marriage and extramarital sex, so I was amused to read about the newest Broadway offering in this regard.  Somehow the wife doesn’t seem to have been considered, nor I might add, the unnerving possibility of a divorce lawyer in their future.

And finally, another celebrity kamikaze divorce.  The McCourt’s got their start in Boston and are ending on the west coast.