A Fascinating Challenge to DOMA

Hi there,

Coming up this Thursday is the oral argument before the Federal Court in the GLAD challenge to the Federal Defense of Marriage Act.

I am someone who is strongly (fervently) in favor of gay marriage.  Single sex adoption has been around for a long time and I had thought that the successful challenge for gay marriage would come when someone argued that the adoptive children of gay parents had a right to have their parents be able to marry. 

The Goodridge Case was to me, a fair and necessary decision AND the only court decision I ever read that made me teary-eyed.  As a practitioner, I have been dealing with the unequal results of the interface between the Federal and State law ever since.  It is clearly a major issue in other states too.

The Commonwealth also has a challenge to DOMA winding its way through the Federal Court system.

I am keeping my fingers crossed!



Update (5.06.10) – Learn more about the DOMA hearing in an article I was quoted in this morning.