So Much For The Golden Years

Hi there,

This week my husband and I celebrate our 45th wedding anniversary; despite that (or perhaps because of it),  I wasn’t surprised to hear of the Gore’s separation after 40 years.  Their separation resounded across the blogosphere last week.  For all the speculation, it will be impossible to know what went wrong, unless a third party materializes.  The reality is that anyone in a marriage that is under press scrutiny will present a carefully crafted public picture, which may not reflect reality at all. Remember the Edwards debacle?

There was a very interesting statistical analysis of this by Betsey Stevenson, on the NY Times’ Freakonomics blog.  Essentially, the most divorce-prone generation are those who married in the 1970’s (whew, I missed it by 4 years).  I wonder if this is the result of the Woodstock years or yet another byproduct of feminism?

More intriguing perhaps, is the timing of the Gore’s daughter’s separation.  This ties into the concept that divorce is catching.  If you hang out with folks whose marriage is unhappy I think that translates into being more focused on what is wrong with your marriage; if you hang out with folks who are content with their partners, the good stuff resonates, and you think more about what is great about your spouse.




**UPDATE:  Perhaps not at all what we were led to believe?!  A third party may have just materialized after all!