Is divorce contagious?…and other odd stuff

Hi there,

Maybe because I took a week off from blogging (real work intervened), but I seem to have a series of odd articles that I would like to share.

There has been a lot of interesting sociological commentary about divorce possibly being “contagious” lately.  Some of it may be linked to the Gore separation, which gets odder and tackier by the moment.

I do a lot of work representing the children of my contemporaries, so I know how heart-wrenching it is for them to experience their children getting divorced.  There is a terrific post in the Ohio Family Law Blog about how to handle an adult child’s divorce.

I was in the Plymouth Probate and Family Court yesterday, a very hot day, and I was stunned to see the clothing (or lack thereof) that litigants seemed to feel was appropriate court attire.  Appearances count, dress respectfully, the judge has to.  Witness the nastiness that judicial nominees have to endure.

And finally, because I just couldn’t resist, a wonderful piece about how dirt is good for you.