Dawg Days of Summer

Hi there,

I am writing this post in advance of my 2 week vacation, so if I am a little slap happy please bear with me.

It seems as if every few months an article hits the press about the division of the marital pet.  To folks who don’t have kids (and even those who do), pets are like children and their owners do want continued contact.  However, I have never seen an analysis of what shifting homes does to a dog’s psyche.  They seem to do doggy day-care with no problems though.

Bigamy too, seems to come up frequently.  Yes through the years I have had a number of cases where bigamy was an issue, you would think one spouse would be enough but…….

And then for the weirdest thing I have read this week award, from Above the Law by Kashmir Hill.



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  1. Hi Nancy:
    That is interesting that you have had cases involving bigamy. That is one thing I have not encountered. If I get a case where there are two spouses, I guess I could charge twice as much!
    Have a great vacation.

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