Wow! A divorce with its own blog!

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I don’t know if any of you follow baseball but the owners (or owner and his wife) of the LA Dodgers are in the middle of a doozy of a divorce case.  A few years ago Frank and Jamie McCourt were Boston Real Estate developers and desirous of buying the Red Sox.  When they couldn’t get the Sox (thank God!) they bought the LA Dodgers and moved to California.

The divorce is so bitter, and the stakes and sports interest so high, that there actually is an entire blog devoted to the divorce.

The most bizarre piece of all this to me is not the acrimony of the divorce but the extremely peculiar “marital agreement” that had 2 forms.  One word in one exhibit was different in half of the signed contracts. It either said “exclusive” of the Dodgers or “inclusive” of the Dodgers.  A big difference and now that the lawyer has testified, the parties have decided to attempt to mediate this issue.

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