Halloween Havoc

Hi there!
I’m in the midst of an incredibly busy stretch right now, but still wanted to share a few interesting and wacky stories that I came upon recently.
Halloween is now just a few days away and while many parents have a love/hate relationship with the holiday, for kids it is usually one of the most exciting times of their year.  The Ohio Family Law Blog had a great post from guest blogger Donna Ferber, about the logistical problems divorced parents face with their kids at Halloween, as well as how these parents need to remember to keep their focus on their kids.
Fortunately this Android App was suspended by Google, but I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of this sort of thing.  Technology keeps getting more and more invasive.
Does anyone else seem to think that there have been an increased number of celebrity splits of late?  The Daily Beast has a post listing America’s 50 Divorce Capitals and there were some surprises on the list.
Finally, an acquaintance sent me this Halloween e-card and I wanted to share it with you all, turn on your speakers and enjoy. 
Have a very happy, fun and SAFE Halloween!