Marriage, Abuse & Taxes

Hi there,

I have been on a cleaning frenzy (driven no doubt by the mess in my attic, which I discovered when looking for Christmas decorations) and so I have been also cleaning out my email – I save miscellaneous bits and pieces (both here and in my attic) and would like to share some of these in the hopes they may be useful.

First, and most seriously, one of my favorite bloggers, Donna Ferber, had an excellent post on the Ohio Family Law Blog with good advice for anyone seeking to separate from an abuser.  All divorce lawyers see these situations, and they are truly the saddest and scariest of all the cases we work on.

We are coming to the year’s end and tax season will soon be upon us.  Although we do not know what the tax rates will be next year (thank you Washington!), we do know for certain that alimony will continue to be deductible by the person who pays, and must be declared as income by the recipient.  TaxGirl, another favorite blogger of mine, had an excellent post a while back on this issue.

And finally, from one of the preeminent divorce bloggers, Daniel Clement, an interesting piece on marriage rates being down due to the economy.  That may be so, but there does not appear to be much, if any, of a decline in divorce rates as yet.