The Toughest Time of the Year

Hi there,

"Firsts" of anything after divorce are hard, perhaps hardest on the children who probably don’t feel any of the relief that the adults may at the change in circumstances.

Christmas can be the hardest, as there is no good way to divide the Santa time and not much in the way of myth to explain how he can get to 2 homes on 2 days.  It helps if the parents can coordinate gifting, although again, the first year is often the year in which communication has yet to calm down.

There are a number of books to help older children adjust and I just came across an interactive site put out in Canada which may be helpful for some.

As always, Donna Ferber has some good advice.  I am never sure how much this helps, with me it’s just knowing that others may have the same problem(s) that makes tough stuff a bit easier.

Finally, I just read about a single mom who had her Christmas presents stolen, so I thought I would pass on this article about how to avoid such a tragedy, written by a thief (I got it off the Hingham Police Department  email warning system, but it came from the Orlando Sentinel).

May you all have a Happy and Healthy Holiday and a Terrific New Year!