Alimony Reform in 2011?

Hi there,

Lately, I have been very bad about posting.  I spent the last two weeks in Florida with my grandchildren (and then recuperating from my grandchildren) and although I had lots of good resolutions about posting they seem to have gone the way of my good resolutions about not eating chocolate.

However, here I am back in the real world (glad to be here too!) and it looks like this may be the year that some sensible, real progress may get made in alimony reform.

Whether you are looking to receive, or fear you may have to pay alimony, the uncertainty and inconsistency of alimony awards must contribute to a lot of the fear of the unknown when facing divorce.

I am a proponent of alimony and also a proponent of alimony reform (go figure).  Anyone embarking on a divorce should be able to have a fairly reasonable understanding of what they may pay or receive, and for how long.  Right now that is not the case in Massachusetts.  A number of the proposed reforms have, I believe, been too draconian; however, there is due to be a new proposal out, apparently finding favor with all sides, so stay tuned…