How To Begin The Divorce Process

Hi there,

The new year is a time for change and I think it may be that concept that results in so many folks deciding this is an appropriate time to end their marriages.

This week I have chosen to pull together a group of posts from some of my favorite bloggers that are useful if you are contemplating divorce.

First, from Daniel Clement’s blog (one of my favorites) a very thoughtful post about being sure that divorce is the right choice for you. Unfortunately, we have to recognize that only half of you are going to be making this choice, for the other half divorce may be involuntary.

Then from the very useful Ohio Family Law Blog, a terrific post by John Meehling on what to bring with you to the first meeting with a divorce attorney. I would add  that much of this (and more) will probably be requested of you over time by your attorney.  If you don’t have this information, don’t worry, your attorney will be able, and eager, to get it for you.

Even more important is Daniel Clement’s post on what to expect from your attorney.  While what information to bring is sort of commonsense, its difficult to know what to expect from your attorney during your first meeting, and this post explains it very well.  Unless you have been divorced before, you are headed into the unknown when you hire a divorce attorney. We come in all types (just like regular folks) and I think one of the best things you can look for is someone with whom you feel comfortable. The process is long and fraught with emotion, so having your attorney "get it" is a big help.  Of course, she should be very competent too!