One Divorce Lawyer’s Valentine’s Day Tale

Hi there,

Valentine’s Day is my favorite holiday hands down, but I recognize that for anyone involved in a divorce not so much.  I still think that you can not overestimate the therapeutic value of chocolate, no matter the circumstances.

A friend sent me an article from the ABA Journal, “Divorce Lawyers Tell Twisted Tales of Valentine’s Day,” essentially about how Valentine’s Day increases the number of folks filing for divorce.  I have never noticed that myself, but practices differ.  The same friend (you know who you are) asked if I had any amusing Valentine’s Day divorce stories.  I think that concept is a contradiction in terms, but then I remembered….many years ago (so many years ago that the folks involved have passed away) defending the deposition of a paramour.  That usually involves instructing the individual on how to raise her fifth amendment privilege, as adultery is still a crime in Massachusetts.  In this instance, the witness had been asked to bring any cards or letters she had received from her lover.  There were about 5 years worth of birthday and Valentine’s Day cards.  The wife went ballistic, as it seems the gentleman in question had saved money by buying in bulk.  Wife and mistress had received the same romantic cards, only the names were different.

Enjoy the day, or at least the chocolate.