Divorced and Traveling with the Children

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I cannot believe how cold it is!  At least it isn’t snowing again.  I am dreaming of travel to any place warm.

If you are thinking of travel too, this, like so much else, can require extra steps if you are divorced (or separated) with children.  Most divorced parents have shared legal custody and most divorce agreements do make provision for out of state or out of country travel.  If you are pre-divorce you must make arrangements with your co-parent, either directly or in court.

Regardless of your status, there are still procedures to be followed.  Generally agreements require you to let the other parent know, including itineraries and ways to keep in touch.  If you are going to be headed out of the country, in addition to a passport you should have a notarized travel authorization signed by the other parent.  A good resource to decide what you need for traveling abroad with kids is the State Department site.  

If your co-parent has not paid his/her child support and owes you more than $2,500 there is a program which will deny him/her a passport if there is such an arrearage.  There is a good post about this on the Ohio Family Law Blog, although it  is from the viewpoint of the delinquent spouse.

And finally, from my own experience with my grandkids, if you have an iPad, Angry Birds is good for at least a 3 hour flight!



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  1. Hi Nancy:
    Good info in your post. I was unaware of the regulation that would deny someone a passport if a child support arrearage exists. Thanks for sharing.
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