Monthly Archives: March 2011

A divorce lawyer’s dream

Hi there, I was saddened last week by the death of ElizabethTaylor. For my generation she was an iconic figure. I can remember thinking, often, why she felt the need to marry so many men. Serial monogamy aside it had to be hideously expensive. Living in sin would have been easier, much easier! Best, Nancy… Continue Reading

It’s Tax Time Again!

Hi there, April 15th is just around the corner and the IRS and the DOR are on my mind.  A very clever tax lawyer colleague of mine, Jennifer Green, has written a good analysis of the tax issues which apply to divorcing couples. Enjoy! Nancy DIVORCE AND TAXES Although you had hoped that your marriage would … Continue Reading

And I thought I had heard it all!

Hi there, My family used to accuse me of missing birthdays and anniversaries, too true I fear, but I miss my own as well.  I just realized that February was the second anniversary of this blog! In honor of that I am posting a couple of really crazy items sent to me by Scott, one … Continue Reading