Custody in Military Cases

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I started this post before I went on vacation last week, fully intending to complete it.  The weather in Florida was lovely, sooo…

Military parenting is difficult in the best of times.  The military are subject to constant moves, and most military folk find themselves at one time or another being deployed to either Iraq or Afghanistan.  This presents huge challenges in an intact family and can be even worse in a divorce scenario.  Imagine being a mother, having physical custody, getting orders to deploy to Afghanistan and knowing that when you return (if you return) you may not have custody of your children anymore, as your ex has used your deployment to keep the kids.  Horrific!  Yet it happens on a regular basis.

Consequently, I was very pleased to read this article in the fabulous Ohio Family Law Blog.

I hope this passes in the current congress and I will try to follow up and keep you informed,



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