Arnold’s love child

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I was stunned (although given my job I shouldn’t have been) to hear about Schwarzenegger’s love child.  This is so wrong on so many levels.  It was a betrayal of his wife and will make her ability to come to grips with the end of her marriage that much harder.  He has a child his children didn’t know, which means their view of their father and their place in the family will be forever disrupted. His 4 children (with Maria)  are old enough, and this is public enough, that they undoubtedly already know.

Then there is the fact that given the time frame, he had an affair with an employee.  That is problematic legally.  She was married to someone else, which is problematic for that gentleman. And finally, he has a child who he did not acknowledge.  How hurtful is that?

Then, of course their are the voters of California, he has betrayed them.  I seem to recall he was considering a run for the presidency a few years ago – shades of John Edwards?!

I tend to think of actors and politicians as narcissistic, but when you combine the two in one person, you can really get some astonishing behavior.

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  1. I cannot even imagine what Maria is dealing with — I am in the process of divorce (a confusing process, I will say, since my husband does not really participate but rather is trying to bully me into doing all the work even though he was the one who cheated, lied, betrayed…). I am having such difficulty coming to terms with the infidelity (and the type of infidelity) that resulted in our separation. How do you see an attorney’s role in helping a woman like Maria deal with this? BTW, I think the problem may not be so much all with Arnold in terms of the cheating — takes two to cheat — but I am sure a sense of entitlement played a big part. Let’s add to actor and politician that he was also a bodybuilder…

  2. Hi there,
    I am sorry to hear you are dealing with such a mess ..
    I see an attorney’s role here as one beyond the legal process. When there is such an overwhelming betrayal part of our job is to help you sort out which pieces belong in the legal process and which belong in the therapeutic process. Also it is impossible to separate (at least in my observation) the deep hurt of someone who has been betrayed and how they need to approach the divorce itself. In Massachusetts, conduct is one of the factors that the Court can take into account when dividing property. So in these cases we can chase down the marital assets that were wasted on the paramour. But even with that done there is no way for the legal process to make someone emotionally whole, so sometimes the best I can do as an attorney is recognize and honor how the client feels I truly had forgotten that Arnold was a body builder, good reminder and excellent comment!
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