Helping your kids with divorce

Hi there,

It appears that the divorce rate is declining.  That can only be considered good news, but anecdotally I think it means that the percentage of tougher cases has increased for practitioners. I have noticed our group seems to have a never ending stream of custody cases.  I am in the middle of a custody trial right now, so I decided to pass on some things that may help the kids.

First of all, Massachusetts has a mandated parenting course.  Divorcing parents of kids 18 and younger are required to take this course within 45 days of filing.  I try to get my clients to take it as soon as possible, as it can help with some very simple things.

Then from a child’s perspective, how your parents tell you about the divorce is critical.   While there always should be a united, supportive front, many divorcing couples are unable to get past the immediate anger to present a united front.

Books help (In my world books always help, but that’s another post).  Almost every library has an excellent selection.  A list of books reviewed by Benjamin Garber, MD and members of the staff of the Barr-Harris Children’s Grief Center may be accessed here.

And remember, kids are resilient and they know when they are loved.