Second marriages and other thoughts

Hi there,

It’s been a while since I cleaned out the collection of random articles I’ve saved for the blog, and since October is closet cleaning time, here goes.

The statistics about divorce in this Wall Street Journal piece were somewhat astonishing.   I was also surprised and encouraged to read that second marriages stand just as good a chance of success as first marriages.  I had previously thought that the statistics about the occurrence of divorce were much higher.  Massachusetts has one of the lowest divorce rates in the nation, I wonder what we are doing right?

I know that divorce is hard on everyone, but really!  This article points out that women experience hair loss as a result. As a cancer survivor who was bald when going through chemo, that just really seems to be adding insult to injury!

Last April, my colleague Andrea Dunbar wrote a post on changing your name, which dealt with the practical intricacies of name-change.  Donna Ferber has just done this post on the emotional aspects of reclaiming your name.

And finally, I couldn’t resist this piece on yet another deadbeat celebrity (well, a “sorta celebrity,” I didn’t have a clue as to who he is).