Tis the Joyous Season: (maybe not?)

Hi there,

I spent some time waiting in court today for my case to be called, and realized while listening to the arguments ahead of me that this is the happy time of year when divorce lawyers are negotiating the minefield of holiday parenting time.  This is tough for all concerned.  Hanukkah begins on December 20th this year and Christmas is, of course, the 25th. 

If you don’t have the holiday parenting time arranged by Thanksgiving and your ex is giving you trouble, then many of you will unfortunately end up in court in the first few days of December fighting over parenting time and access. 

Every year I blog about this and the theme is the same: Start early and be reasonable.  There are many ways to do this, but either sharing or alternating the holiday seems to be the most common arrangement.  Sometimes, if you don’t have the "important day" or the "critical" (to your family) part of the important day, you can trade that time for more vacation time. I know some folks split the vacation, while others simply alternate the holiday and the vacation annually.

This can be the toughest point in the year, especially if your divorce is recent.  I came across some very good tips recently on how to weather the holidays if you have kids.  Good luck.