First Circuit Declares DOMA Unconstitutional

Hi there,

In 2009 I first wrote about the Massachusetts challenge, brought by Martha Coakley, against DOMA.  DOMA is the federal Defense of Marriage Act which prevents gay couples legally married in Massachusetts (or in any of the other states which allow gay marriage) from receiving the same treatment as heterosexual married couples.

The First Circuit (the federal appellate court for Massachusetts which has two judges appointed by Republican presidents) has finally ruled on the challenge.  They held DOMA unconstitutional, which means that the Supreme Court will hear the challenge.  Until the Supreme Court justices rule, nothing changes.

I know that for many folks gay marriage can be a hot button topic, but we have had it for years now in Massachusetts, and the sky hasn’t fallen.  In fact, near as I can tell most folks don’t even think of it as unusual here anymore.