Did you know? October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month

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National Cyber Security Awareness MonthDid you know that October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month? I hadn’t, although as a survivor I do know it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

I am pretty conscious of how public the Internet is and how dangerous being online can get if you are in the process of divorcing.  I have also recently discovered that if you and your spouse share an iTunes account there is a real possibility that your messages can appear on his device. This means you need your own iTunes account when you start the divorce process.

We and all our children and grandchildren each have a cyber presence. I know that my grandkids all have a better working knowledge of the Internet than I do — I just learned what snapchat is.

In divorce the Internet can be a help as well as a minefield. There are multiple calendar options that make coparenting easier.  Cell phones mean you can be in touch with your kids in many more ways in real time regardless of where you are.

It also means that you and your coparent have an obligation to your kids to set a reasonable plan with limits for how the kids can use cyberspace. The Stay Safe link on the National Cyber Security Alliance website has lots of useful information.