Halloween Parenting Tips

Happy Halloween!

Gypsy McSweeneyWhile this day can be a bit of a challenge for divorced or divorcing parents, it’s one of the most exciting days of the year for kids (and pets, according to my colleague Beth Waterfall-McSweeney and her cat, Gypsy).

On Halloween it all comes down to keeping it fun for the kids — it’s a kids’ holiday so keep the grown-up drama out of it. This article has some good parenting tips for ex-spouses on Halloween, including the following, which I couldn’t agree with more:

“Put your children first. Remember this is their fun day, so don’t lose perspective and hold tight to a visitation schedule that may force them to spend their time away from their friends simply because it’s your designated time with your child. In truth, it’s not your time or your ex’s time… it’s your child’s time.”