Ashley Madison: Karma Strikes

Our barn cat, Ashley, is shocked and appalled.
Our barn cat, Ashley, is shocked and appalled.

Hi there,

Well, cheaters beware! Last week I posted on the Ashley Madison hack. The hackers were largely silent for about a month after they went into Ashley Madison’s database and lifted information on 32 million of the 37 million subscribers.

Lo and behold, last night the hackers released the stolen list of Ashley Madison users. I think our Divorce group may want to do some cross referencing of names here…

If you are going through a divorce and you had a profile on the site, you should inform your divorce attorney immediately and come up with a plan. The leaked information includes names, contact information, credit card information, transaction history and more. Your attorney will likely suggest you change your email and credit cards immediately, to avoid becoming a victim of credit card fraud or even blackmail. It’s better for your attorney to learn it from you than from a smart opposing counsel who found you on the list!

The hackers allege that nearly all the female profiles on Ashley Madison are fictional, but nearly all the male profiles are real. If that is proved to be true, a lot of men may have been signing up with the intent to cheat but may never actually have. I doubt that would make anyone whose spouse was on there feel any better, though!

If you come across a list of alleged subscribers on social media, keep in mind that as with everything on the internet, you can’t believe everything you read. Web users are downloading the hacked info and reposting it, but there’s no guarantee they may not be adding in some high profile names to jazz things up.