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More Kid Stuff

Hi there, It is great to be back in the real world outside of the courtroom.  Trials are fun, but life goes on and the emails and phone calls pile up.  My thanks to my colleague Andrea for her piece on parental alienation while I was otherwise occupied. I truly am disturbed by parental alienation cases.  … Continue Reading

Pets and Divorce

Hi there, It’s coming up on Halloween and the pet stores are selling pet costumes… I have two big dogs and one very tough cat, and while I don’t think I’m going to be buying them costumes any time soon, I do understand the urge.  We think of and feel about our pets the way we do our children.  … Continue Reading

Helping your kids with divorce

Hi there, It appears that the divorce rate is declining.  That can only be considered good news, but anecdotally I think it means that the percentage of tougher cases has increased for practitioners. I have noticed our group seems to have a never ending stream of custody cases.  I am in the middle of a custody … Continue Reading

Update on Alimony Reform Act

Hi there, I hope you are enjoying our belated summer weather as much as I have been.  I missed posting last week because I couldn’t drag myself out of my garden to sit at the computer. It looks like alimony reform is almost here! The next legislative steps appear pretty certain and those in the … Continue Reading

Alimony Reform in 2011?

Hi there, Lately, I have been very bad about posting.  I spent the last two weeks in Florida with my grandchildren (and then recuperating from my grandchildren) and although I had lots of good resolutions about posting they seem to have gone the way of my good resolutions about not eating chocolate. However, here I … Continue Reading

Topic 4: Alimony

Hi there, Fourth in our topics to discuss is alimony.  In addition to everything else you need to think of, another important consideration when getting divorced is alimony. You first need to decide if your case is an alimony case.  You can do that by answering these questions: Does one of you earn substantially more than … Continue Reading