Carolyn "CiCi" Van Tine

Carolyn "CiCi" Van Tine

CiCi focuses her practice on all aspects of matrimonial law, including international parental abduction and other highly charged custodial matters, divorce, custody, child support, modification, paternity, asset division and non-traditional family litigation.

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Why You Should Care About Federal Computer Privacy

An often-stated truth is that you shouldn’t access the email of others. Here, “others” means the person you have divorced, are now divorcing, or plan to divorce in the not too distant future. No matter how often this is said, it’s always worth repeating. Don’t snoop in other people’s email accounts! Like most things, it’s … Continue Reading

Check Your Password and Touch ID If You’re Divorcing

Generally speaking, when you’re involved in marital conflict (divorce, separation, etc.), you should immediately change the password to your email, work computer, tablet and of course, your phone. We also discussed this  in The 7 Deadly (Tech) Sins of Divorce – Part 1 and The 7 Deadly (Tech) Sins of Divorce – Part 2. Smartphones … Continue Reading