Ronald P. Barriere

Ronald P. Barriere

Ron focuses his practice on family law and probate litigation, including informed negotiation of disputes, divorce, abuse prevention orders, custody disputes, actions involving the Department of Children and Families (“DCF”), paternity actions, and post-divorce modification and enforcement of alimony, child support and other judgments.

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Military Pensions Could See Significant Changes

Pending Federal legislation could have a huge impact on how judges will divide military pensions during a divorce. In a previous post, I discussed at length how military pension plans currently could be divided in the context of a Massachusetts divorce matter. Massachusetts Probate and Family Court judges generally have the discretion to either divide … Continue Reading

New Changes to the Parent Education Program in Massachusetts

As a family law attorney, I’m often met with surprise (even outrage!) when I tell my clients that they’re required to participate in a Parent Education Program in connection with their Massachusetts divorce. People always say that it’s so much easier to get married than it is to get divorced, and that’s not entirely without … Continue Reading

Top 4 Questions About Divorce and Special Education

Divorce is more common than ever. According to the Center for Disease Control, another trend on the rise is the prevalence of Attention Deficit Disorder (“ADD”) and Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (“ADHD”) diagnosed in young children. As a family law attorney, I’ve seen how the overlap between the two can lead to increased conflict between … Continue Reading