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If Beyoncé can be cheated on, is there any hope for the rest of us?
Really though, if Beyoncé can be cheated on, is there any hope for the rest of us?

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On a gorgeous day like today, you just want to sit outside and sip on a tall glass of lemonade. Recently though, the taste of lemonade has been made a little sharp by the fabulous Beyoncé. Infidelity became a hot topic with her recent release of Lemonade, a scathing, seemingly confessional visual album. As strident a response to infidelity as it was, she has also shone a light on the number of marriages that do survive unfaithfulness.… Keep reading

Caitlyn Jenner Opens the Discussion on Transgender Issues

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Kim and Khloe practice their "red carpet" walk around the barnyard.
Kim and Khloe practice their “red carpet” walk around the barnyard.

It’s a rainy Monday, and Caitlyn Jenner is all over the place. (As an aside I have to confess to owning two goats named Kim and Khloe, after the Kardashian girls.) While she was a very good looking man, she is a stunning woman as well. It’s heartening to see the media portraying this as a positive, exciting change. According to a study by the UCLA School of Law, just .03 percent of the adult population of the United States identify as transgendered. As a result, transgender issues do not come up that often in divorces, but when they do arise it can cause a battle.… Keep reading


Between Apple and conscious uncoupling, I can’t decide which is more “creative.”

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My clever coworker, Abigail Munafo, pointed out to me today that I have a category entitled “Celebrity Trash,” and I haven’t posted to it in a while. So, it was extremely timely to read that Gwyneth Paltrow is getting divorced from what’s his name. They chose to do it amicably, a good choice, and called it “conscious uncoupling,” a peculiar choice. Coming from a couple who named their child after a fruit, it’s somehow not all that surprising.… Keep reading

Ron Barriere Massachusetts Divorce Lawyer Burns & Levinson

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I have the pleasure of working with a very skilled and funny colleague, Ron Barriere, who for reasons unknown to me follows too much reality TV and has written a very informative post on the divorce of Ms. Kim Kardashian.



My house is the battleground in the ongoing war for reality television supremacy.  I have backed the traditional powerhouse of sport; my wife is a staunch supporter of the upstart soap opera-style antics of trashy housewives and amorous bachelors and bachelorettes.  What a godsend, then, has been the “Humpdashian” saga and its mash-up of pro basketball, reality television’s first family, and surprisingly complex family law issues.  (I will leave the “what is real and what is reality TV?” debate to media critics and sociology professors.)  The latest news from the front raises interesting questions about the distinctions between divorce and alimony, and the legal (and, sometimes, religious) significance of fault in the dissolution of a marriage.

I cannot pretend to know the entire back-and-forth of this saga, nor can I comment upon the accuracy – or inaccuracy – of the reportage to date.  Therefore, for the purposes of this article, I’m going to discuss … Keep reading

Domestic Violence in the News

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Jovan Belcher
Credit: newyorker.com

The news has been full of the sad story of football player Jovan Belcher shooting his baby’s mother 9 times, then driving to the practice field and killing himself in front of his coaches. There has been lots of punditry surrounding football and concussions, guns, drugs and alcohol, and even mental illness, but not so much discussion of what is likely the real issue: domestic violence.  (Here’s a link to a good article I recently found about keeping yourself safe in a  domestic violence situation.)

There were plenty of clues that Belcher had anger issues with the girlfriends in his life, and it appears that the Chiefs were aware of this as they were providing counselling for him.  Professional sports is a very high testosterone universe. I have long believed that the professional sports teams, in an attempt to protect their investment in the players, have long sheltered abusers and quieted victims.  Not the same as Penn State, but not dissimilar either.

On a more positive note in the same area, Massachusetts has passed a pet protection law as part of our domestic violence protection. This is wonderful on so many levels, … Keep reading

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It’s been a while since I cleaned out the collection of random articles I’ve saved for the blog, and since October is closet cleaning time, here goes.

The statistics about divorce in this Wall Street Journal piece were somewhat astonishing.   I was also surprised and encouraged to read that second marriages stand just as good a chance of success as first marriages.  I had previously thought that the statistics about the occurrence of divorce were much higher.  Massachusetts has one of the lowest divorce rates in the nation, I wonder what we are doing right?… Keep reading

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I was stunned (although given my job I shouldn’t have been) to hear about Schwarzenegger’s love child.  This is so wrong on so many levels.  It was a betrayal of his wife and will make her ability to come to grips with the end of her marriage that much harder.  He has a child his children didn’t know, which means their view of their father and their place in the family will be forever disrupted. His 4 children (with Maria)  are old enough, and this is public enough, that they undoubtedly already know.

Then there is the fact that given the time frame, he had an affair with an employee.  That is problematic legally.  She was married to someone else, which is problematic for that gentleman. And finally, he has a child who he did not acknowledge.  How hurtful is that?

Then, of course their are the voters of California, he has betrayed them.  I seem to recall he was considering a run for the presidency a few years ago – shades of John Edwards?!

I tend to think of actors and politicians as narcissistic, but when you combine the two in one person, … Keep reading

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It is always sad to see two such affable celebrities as Arnold and Maria split. They have been together for 34 years and married for 25, and thus are right in the danger zone for divorce. With the kids mainly grown and both of their careers in transition it is no surprise that they also were looking at reevaluating their marriage. I would speculate that they had (or should have had) a prenuptial agreement. Under the circumstances of the marriage (her family wealth, both of their then careers) a prenuptial would have made sense, to at least set the parameters for division of property and spousal support. Pre nuptial agreements cannot effect children’s rights so custody and child support would not have been covered in a prenuptial. If they did not have one, California is a community property state and much of their joint wealth has presumably been accumulated in the time of their marriage, and thus will be equally divided. Interestingly, once they separate their incomes become their own. At their level of wealth, the fight – if there is one – will be about values, not division. They also will not need to worry about … Keep reading

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I hope you all had as nice an Easter as I did, although looking at this rainy Thursday, it seems too long ago.

Once upon a time, (a long, long time ago) I represented a woman who was convinced that her ex was hiding mega millions of dollars, both from her and from the government.  She was a very bright, very organized and very driven woman, and lo and behold she was right!  Imagine my surprise to see her on a TV program on expensive divorces.

On another note, I have written a number of times about the need to be wary of social media when you are divorcing.  Put nothing on the web that you don’t care to have your spouse show the judge!  A New Jersey belly dancer didn’t post her pictures (because she was afraid of the blow back), but her words sufficed.

And finally, I simply could not miss an opportunity to comment on this latest Royal Wedding.  I remember getting up at the crack of dawn to watch Princess Diana get married, in what was probably the ugliest wedding gown ever.  I have no intention of getting up tomorrow to watch … Keep reading