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Lemonade Can Be Bitter

Hi there, On a gorgeous day like today, you just want to sit outside and sip on a tall glass of lemonade. Recently though, the taste of lemonade has been made a little sharp by the fabulous Beyoncé. Infidelity became a hot topic with her recent release of Lemonade, a scathing, seemingly confessional visual album. … Continue Reading

Paltrow Isn’t Divorcing, She’s “Conscious Uncoupling”

Hi there, My clever coworker, Abigail Munafo, pointed out to me today that I have a category entitled “Celebrity Trash,” and I haven’t posted to it in a while. So, it was extremely timely to read that Gwyneth Paltrow is getting divorced from what’s his name. They chose to do it amicably, a good choice, … Continue Reading

Domestic Violence in the News

Hi there, The news has been full of the sad story of football player Jovan Belcher shooting his baby’s mother 9 times, then driving to the practice field and killing himself in front of his coaches. There has been lots of punditry surrounding football and concussions, guns, drugs and alcohol, and even mental illness, but not so much discussion of … Continue Reading

Second marriages and other thoughts

Hi there, It’s been a while since I cleaned out the collection of random articles I’ve saved for the blog, and since October is closet cleaning time, here goes. The statistics about divorce in this Wall Street Journal piece were somewhat astonishing.   I was also surprised and encouraged to read that second marriages stand just as good a chance of … Continue Reading

A divorce lawyer’s dream

Hi there, I was saddened last week by the death of ElizabethTaylor. For my generation she was an iconic figure. I can remember thinking, often, why she felt the need to marry so many men. Serial monogamy aside it had to be hideously expensive. Living in sin would have been easier, much easier! Best, Nancy… Continue Reading

Tiger’s troubles

Hi there, With all the speculation in the news and gossip media about what may, or may not, have happened at Tiger Woods’ home last week, it seems a timely moment to discuss the Massachusetts Abuse Prevention laws. Domestic abuse is a horrible and pervasive thing. It devastates not only the direct victim but the … Continue Reading