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Same-Sex Parent Claims Victory Over Alabama in Custody Battle

Freshly back to work from maternity leave, it warmed my new-mommy/divorce-lawyer heart to see this week’s U.S. Supreme Court decision affirming a loving mother’s right to share in the ongoing care and custody of children she helped raise during a long-term same-sex relationship. While the opinion itself speaks much more to jurisdictional issues and the … Continue Reading

A Closer Look at the Supreme Court’s Same Sex Marriage Ruling

With the announcement of last week’s Supreme Court decision, proponents of same sex marriage rejoiced and Facebook became much more colorful. After a weekend of celebrating the new-found rights of my gay and lesbian friends, neighbors and colleagues, I sat down today to read all 103 pages of the majority decision and dissenting opinions, including … Continue Reading

Revenue Ruling 2013-17: IRS Recognizes Same-Sex Marriages for Tax Purposes

Hi there, My terrific tax colleague, Jen Green, has a quick update on taxes for same-sex married couples. This is terrific! Best, Nancy The IRS has issued a notice extending Revenue Ruling 58-66 to same-sex marriages.  In Revenue Ruling 58-66, the IRS stated that a couple would be treated as married for purposes of Federal income … Continue Reading

U.S. Supreme Court Declares DOMA Unconstitutional: What You Need to Know

Hi there, What an exciting week!  I’m pleased to share the following alert regarding DOMA that my colleagues Lisa Cukier, Christine Fletcher and Peter Zupcofska put together today for clients and friends of our firm.  As we celebrate the fall of DOMA there are still lots of legal issues facing gay and lesbian couples in … Continue Reading

DOMA is Gone!

Today the Supreme Court of the Unites States struck down the Federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA).  The ruling will make a huge difference for gay couples in states where same-sex is legal, but all states will still retain their right to regulate marriage laws. My colleagues and I are monitoring the coverage of today’s … Continue Reading

Applying for Social Security Survivor’s Benefits During the DOMA Appeal

Hi there, The Supreme Court announces today whether or not they are going to take up a challenge to the Defense of Marriage Act in a case arising out of Social Security benefits. As promised, here is a different point of view to last week’s post.  This one is authored by my partner Lisa Cukier, one … Continue Reading


Twitter is an amazing way to get as-it-happens news and other information affecting our lives – and divorces.  As always, I find that the Twitter account, @SCOTUS, is the best for delivering timely updates to help us truly understand what is going on at the Supreme Court of the United States (also known as “SCOTUS”). … Continue Reading

Married Same-Sex Couples No Longer Need to Adopt Children Born During the Marriage, Or Do They?

Hi there, Not unexpectedly, the rules on same-sex marriage and parenting are in flux in Massachusetts. One of the changes has been in the area of need to adopt.  My very talented partner, Robin Lynch Nardone, discusses this interesting topic below. Best, Nancy   In February 2012, the Massachusetts Appeals Court ruled that a child born of … Continue Reading

A Fascinating Challenge to DOMA

Hi there, Coming up this Thursday is the oral argument before the Federal Court in the GLAD challenge to the Federal Defense of Marriage Act. I am someone who is strongly (fervently) in favor of gay marriage.  Single sex adoption has been around for a long time and I had thought that the successful challenge for gay marriage … Continue Reading

Sorry to see it…

Hi there, I was sorry to see that Tuesday the Maine voters rejected single sex marriage. In Massachusetts, however,  the Appeals Court  in what is known as a "slip opinion" (a slip opinion does not have the dis-positive force of law, but can be utilized as part of a court argument or brief), has extended the time … Continue Reading

Here we go again!

Hi there, According to the New York Times, the highest court in New York will hear arguments on whether or not New York will honor marriages between gay and lesbian couples that are legal elsewhere. I was taught in law school that the constitution requires states to give "full faith and credit" to the laws … Continue Reading

N.H. Closer to Same Sex Marriage Law

Hi There,   Here I am posting on gay marriage yet again.  Because I am a divorce lawyer and because I have been married for 44 years, marriage is obviously something I think about regularly, both personally and professionally.  There are so many significant legal rights that attach to marriage that I have long believed that same … Continue Reading