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Why You Should Care About Federal Computer Privacy

An often-stated truth is that you shouldn’t access the email of others. Here, “others” means the person you have divorced, are now divorcing, or plan to divorce in the not too distant future. No matter how often this is said, it’s always worth repeating. Don’t snoop in other people’s email accounts! Like most things, it’s … Continue Reading

Check Your Password and Touch ID If You’re Divorcing

Generally speaking, when you’re involved in marital conflict (divorce, separation, etc.), you should immediately change the password to your email, work computer, tablet and of course, your phone. We also discussed this  in The 7 Deadly (Tech) Sins of Divorce – Part 1 and The 7 Deadly (Tech) Sins of Divorce – Part 2. Smartphones … Continue Reading

Introducing a New Blog Series: iDivorce!

Hi there, The web is constantly abuzz with discussions on how to keep your information safe from prying eyes. Companies are working on new ways to keep online information safe, everyone emphasizes the importance of smartphone security, and we all cringe at the problems that can arise if you’re not careful. When you’re divorcing, another … Continue Reading

Divorce Papers Served Via Facebook

Hi there, The internet is abuzz with news that a woman successfully served her soon-to-be-ex husband divorce papers via Facebook. “Service of process,” also known as “serving divorce papers,” is one of those things that is extremely important but usually only interesting to lawyers. Its timing is important in Massachusetts because the length of the … Continue Reading

Social Data and Divorce: What is Your Data Predicting?

Hi there, This time of year there are always articles making their way around the internet about relationships and marriages. Facebook keeps all kinds of statistics and can tell from posts where folks are in their relationships. It is fascinating to me that they can track when the relationship gets serious, and when it goes bad. … Continue Reading