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Check Your Password and Touch ID If You’re Divorcing

Generally speaking, when you’re involved in marital conflict (divorce, separation, etc.), you should immediately change the password to your email, work computer, tablet and of course, your phone. We also discussed this  in The 7 Deadly (Tech) Sins of Divorce – Part 1 and The 7 Deadly (Tech) Sins of Divorce – Part 2. Smartphones … Continue Reading

IP is Everywhere!

Hi there, My intellectual property lawyer colleagues tell me that “IP is everywhere,” and it has certainly come up from time-to-time in some of the divorce cases that I’ve handled.  Today I am very proud to welcome six new IP attorneys to my firm, Burns & Levinson.  Please click here to read the full press … Continue Reading

Social Data and Divorce: What is Your Data Predicting?

Hi there, This time of year there are always articles making their way around the internet about relationships and marriages. Facebook keeps all kinds of statistics and can tell from posts where folks are in their relationships. It is fascinating to me that they can track when the relationship gets serious, and when it goes bad. … Continue Reading

Did you know? October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month

Hi there, Did you know that October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month? I hadn’t, although as a survivor I do know it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I am pretty conscious of how public the Internet is and how dangerous being online can get if you are in the process of divorcing.  I have … Continue Reading

Tips to Protect Your Privacy When Separating – Part 2

Hi there, In last week’s post I shared some tips to help protect your privacy when divorcing.  Following are a few more to consider. 1. Whether you move or stay, make sure that the post office has all the necessary address changes.  Also be sure to contact all the credit card companies, phone carriers, banks, etc. with your … Continue Reading

Something Else to Worry About

Hi there, I have always warned clients about how easy it may be for a disgruntled spouse to get into your email.  Now it seems that you have to worry about your cell phone too.  According to an article by Claud L. (“Tex”) McIver and Deepa Subramanian of Fisher & Phillips LLP published on the Law360 … Continue Reading