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The date on a lawyer’s license to practice is not necessarily an indicator of his/her experience and skill as a divorce lawyer. Unlike medicine, in most places, there are very few “specialties” in the law. In Massachusetts, passing the bar exam entitles the new lawyer to practice in any area she chooses, criminal, contract, civil litigation, real estate, and virtually everything else. A special certification is required to appear before admiralty courts, handle patent and copyright litigation, and a few other esoteric legal areas, but divorce isn’t one of them. Conversely, a relatively new attorney who served as a divorce paralegal while going to law school at night may be a terrific divorce practitioner.… Keep reading

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After deciding to get divorced (if the decision was yours), choosing your divorce attorney may be the most important choice you will make. Divorce cases differ widely. Fact patterns are invariably unique, as are the personalities of the parties. What’s of utmost importance to you will be meaningless to some other litigants. Do you want to avoid a “messy” divorce, or do you want an attack dog to savage your soon-to-be-ex? Was the marriage a short one or was it long term? Is there a lot of money in play or are both parties of limited means? If there are minor children, is custody likely to be an issue?

Choosing the wrong attorney can have a major negative impact on the rest of your life.  Your childrens’ lives, as well as close relatives’ lives will be affected as well.

As I write this, we’re entering a new year and a new presidency, a season for new beginings.  This blog, in its beginning stages, will focus for a few weeks on the beginning of the divorce lawyer-client relationship.  The first five posts will consist of my Top 5 Tips on Picking a Divorce Lawyer.

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