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In Divorce, Compromise is NOT a Dirty Word

Hi there, While listening to the recent doom and gloom about the government shutdown, I was incredibly annoyed by the perception that everyone in elected office in Washington should have been forced to compromise by their own common sense. It also occurred to me that Washington is not unlike divorce court. Opposing sides, rigid positions, angry murmurs — … Continue Reading

Did you know? October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month

Hi there, Did you know that October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month? I hadn’t, although as a survivor I do know it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I am pretty conscious of how public the Internet is and how dangerous being online can get if you are in the process of divorcing.  I have … Continue Reading

Parental Alienation: Part 2

Hi there, Parental alienation in the divorce process may be an unavoidable fact of life.  Bad situations can make good people behave in destructive ways, and, of course, not everyone pursuing divorce is a good person. As I started to discuss in my last post, there seems to me to be a dramatic increase in the number of divorce cases … Continue Reading

Parental Alienation: Part 1

Hi there, Nomenclature doesn’t change facts, and whether you call a set of toxic behaviors “parental alienation” or “marginalizing a parent” doesn’t change the inherent tragedy. In a high conflict divorce case, parents can align the children so thoroughly that the children begin to be unable to have any kind of a relationship with the other parent. “Parental alienation” … Continue Reading

Tips to Protect Your Privacy When Separating – Part 2

Hi there, In last week’s post I shared some tips to help protect your privacy when divorcing.  Following are a few more to consider. 1. Whether you move or stay, make sure that the post office has all the necessary address changes.  Also be sure to contact all the credit card companies, phone carriers, banks, etc. with your … Continue Reading

Transitions After Divorce

Hi there, I once had a very socially adept client who sent out a “transitions” card to all her contacts.  She announced her separation, new address, phone numbers, etc.  She was cheerful, matter of fact and kind to her ex.  I thought at the time it was a great idea.  Today I am announcing a transition … Continue Reading

5 Tips on Co-Parenting at the Beginning of Your Divorce

Hi there, Many of you will end up being able to co-parent admirably, and this will include many of you who are struggling with the tough initial stages of working out a co-parenting arrangement.  If no one is pathological, then time will generally settle things down. In the meantime, here are some tips to keep things from blowing … Continue Reading

Clarification of Standard for Modifying Child Support in Massachusetts

Hi there, On March 12, 2013, the Supreme Judicial Court clarified the standard for modification of child support under the Massachusetts child support guidelines in the case, Morales v. Morales. Before the Morales case there was an ambiguity in the law, where one portion indicated the standard for modification of child support payments was a material … Continue Reading

Tip# 5 of the Top 5 To-Do’s When You Want to Divorce: How to Tell Your Kids

Hi there, This is the most important — and may be the most difficult — thing you will have to do when you decide to divorce.  If you can (and emotional and logistic circumstances may prevent this), try to tell the kids about the divorce together.  Also, try to tell them as soon as possible.  Past the age … Continue Reading

Married Same-Sex Couples No Longer Need to Adopt Children Born During the Marriage, Or Do They?

Hi there, Not unexpectedly, the rules on same-sex marriage and parenting are in flux in Massachusetts. One of the changes has been in the area of need to adopt.  My very talented partner, Robin Lynch Nardone, discusses this interesting topic below. Best, Nancy   In February 2012, the Massachusetts Appeals Court ruled that a child born of … Continue Reading

Tis the Joyous Season: (maybe not?)

Hi there, I spent some time waiting in court today for my case to be called, and realized while listening to the arguments ahead of me that this is the happy time of year when divorce lawyers are negotiating the minefield of holiday parenting time.  This is tough for all concerned.  Hanukkah begins on December 20th this year and Christmas … Continue Reading

Some thoughts on kids & parenting

Hi there, I have been thinking about a post I read recently in the Ohio Family Law Blog (one of my favorites) about the possibility of parents who are not in the court system already, possibly having their children taken away as a result of childhood obesity.  Morbid obesity in children is clearly a health problem that needs … Continue Reading