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Divorce and Lottery Winnings: What Are the Chances?

Posted in Alimony and Child Custody, Finances and Divorce, Post-Divorce

As people scramble to purchase Powerball tickets for a chance (however small) at the 1.3 billion dollar jackpot, the largest in U.S. history, I couldn’t help but think about the practical considerations that come into play when dealing with divorce and lottery winnings, especially for those who are divorcing, or already divorced. Sure, it’s nice… Continue Reading

Change Your Will When Your Divorce Is Final

Posted in Post-Divorce

Hi there, I just learned that this is National Estate Planning Awareness Week. One of our terrific attorneys, Christine Fletcher, has written a quick piece explaining the importance of having your estate planner working on a team with your other “people” when making financial decisions. Some may consider this a dry or morbid topic, but… Continue Reading

How Do I Appeal a Divorce Judgment?

Posted in Post-Divorce

All too often after a divorce trial, one or both parties is unhappy with the decision reached by the trial judge. It could be about property division issues, custody and parenting, support or other matters within the Judgment. Not all hope is lost, though! You have the right to appeal a final judgment of the… Continue Reading

Reclaiming Your Name

Posted in Post-Divorce

Hi there, Something to consider if you are a woman contemplating divorce (and isn’t it interesting that only women change their names?) is whether or not you wish to resume your maiden name, (and a maiden name is another medieval concept) not that I am a feminist or anything. An associate of mine, Andrea Dunbar,… Continue Reading