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In my last post I mentioned the Family Service Office of the Probate Court.  That is the department which is tasked with getting litigants to settle their cases. Most cases do settle, which is a good thing as the system would otherwise be totally overwhelmed. It is also a good thing for the parties, as an agreement in which you have had some say is generally better than one which is imposed on you. 
Even if it is costly to get there, an agreement is less expensive than trying your case and it has a better chance of being final as well.  One of the best ways in terms of cost and civility to reach an agreement is through mediation.  This is what the Family Service Officers do and here is a good explanation of non Court mandated mediation from Partner Robin Lynch Nardone who has extensive experience in family law mediation:
Resolution of a divorce or other family law matter without extensive litigation in the court is possible. Mediation is a voluntary process that invites people to come to agreement through informed negotiation with the assistance of a neutral third party. Mediation gives the Keep reading