child-related expenses

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It’s spring and college acceptance letters are in the mail. It’s that time of year when parents start looking at how to pay for college. As you might expect, this is an area of frequent concern in divorce, as this article by my colleague Ron Barriere points out.



Ronald P. Barriere

As attorneys, we frequently get text messages and emails referring us to sensational stories related to our practice area.  Last week was no exception, as our inboxes were flooded with links to various articles concerning the New Jersey teen, Rachel Canning, who sued her parents after a falling out over a boyfriend and household rules.  (Three particularly good articles about the story can be found on Yahoo, the ABA Journal and the New York Post.)

The most common question we receive when a story such as this appears in the zeitgeist is “Can someone really sue over this?”  Usually, the answer is yes.  In the Canning case, the identity of the litigants is what makes the case novel:  It is rare that parents are unified in opposition to the child in a dispute about education costs.  The facts, however, are … Keep reading