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Despite the oppressive heat, it’s almost back to school time again. By this point in the summer most parents are pretty ready for school to begin. One of the best ways to make the school year smoother for your kids is to plan ahead with your coparent! Firm up a schedule as much as you can before the school year begins. There are a variety of apps available that are useful to help divorced parents mutually handle their schedules.

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One of the risks in truly bitter custody cases is that one parent or the other will misuse the system and call the Department of Youth Services with a phony complaint. The worst case scenario is the children can get yanked from their home, the best case scenario is the innocent parent and the kids will be put through the unnecessary hell of an investigation.

I was horrified to realize that this can happen to an ordinary, intact family who has done nothing more than drop off some ordinary kid pictures for development.


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One of the toughest things to watch as a divorce practitioner is parents putting kids in the middle of the parental war zone. Passing messages, engaging in passive aggressive behavior over visit times, and worst of all, letting kids see the divorce papers – the list of ways to hurt children is practically endless.  Parents who would never deliberately hurt their kids in the frenzy of the divorce put their children squarely in the middle. A colleague just sent me a terrific blog from Great Britain on how to handle children in a divorce.

Some parenting truths are universal.



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