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SJC Decision Regarding Parent Coordinators: What You Need to Know

Posted in Court Decisions, Parenting, Children & Divorce

I was in my office last week when I heard shrieks of joy coming from down the hall. (We really should have a bell or something we ring for a big win – this yelling is so unprofessional.) My colleagues Sue Stenger, Francine Gardikas, Laura Studen, Robin Lynch Nardone and Andrea Dunbar had just gotten the SJC decision on the… Continue Reading

Modification Process in Massachusetts Divorce Cases

Posted in Divorce Process

Hi there, The modification process is a bit more streamlined than the divorce process, mainly because there is a lot less discovery.  Since the property division portion of a divorce agreement or judgement is not modifiable, issues of valuation are rarely necessary. Modification has a defined starting date: the date of the divorce.  What were the circumstances… Continue Reading

A Modern Miracle: David and Sean Goldman

Posted in International Divorce and Parenting, Parenting, Children & Divorce

Hi there, I have been reading the David Goldman saga for some months now.  As a story, it highlights the problems of international custody cases when one parent takes the children to a foreign country and will not return them.  These cases are very difficult, even if the country in question has signed the Hague convention.  You need an American divorce… Continue Reading

Who, or what, is a parent coordinator?

Posted in Alimony and Child Custody

Hi There, When parents cannot communicate or agree after a divorce a parent coordinator is sometime used to help resolve matters. There’s a very interesting article in this week’s issue of Massachusetts Lawyer’s Weekly which gives a much more in- depth presentation. if you are involved in any custody or disputed parenting actions you might want to… Continue Reading